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Bob Gibbard Bursary

The BCTA offers the annual Bob Gibbard Bursary to a qualified college or university student. Applications for the bursary, in the amount of $500.00, are presently being accepted for the upcoming school year.

The Bob Gibbard Bursary is open to all applicants (one time only per student), and is available for any year of study at a post-secondary institution. The award will be on the basis of an open competition with the following components:

  • Proof of enrollment (any post-secondary institution) in the form of a transcript of marks for the first semester
  • A personal statement of suitability (I should be considered for this award because…..)
  • A personal statement of financial need
  • Brief statement on field of study or educational goal
  • Statement on trapping and the use of fur in today’s world
  • Creative statement indicating how the chosen field of study might relate to, or interact with, some aspect of the fur industry

Submissions must be received by March 20th. The recipient will be announced at the BCTA Convention.

SEND APPLICATIONS TO: BCTA Bob Gibbard Bursary Committee
Po Box 1063
Prince George, BC, V2L 4V2

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