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The new BCTA Forum site is now open. There is a "Guest Section" which is available to everyone who registers or goes to the link below.

The "Trappers Forum" section is private and only available to BCTA members, their family, and other friends of the BCTA. Access to this area is gained through sending an email with your name and member number.

For many of you, we will recognize who you are from your email address or username and set you to the "trapper section". Join us where you can read or participae in trapper discussions, ask questions, answer questions, post pictures, or just give an opinion on a topic.


  • Once you have clicked on the Link to the site you will be at the "Guest" section.
  • Click on the "Registration" in the top tool bar.
  • Choose a simple "username" which suits you (this can be a nick name, your real name, of something ficticious. eg: trapperbill, outback, snareman, BLB, etc)
  • Write down your username and password where you can find it later if you need to.
  • Fill out all of the required questions on the "Registration" and do the little math question in the "Confirmation Code".
  • Check the little "agree to terms" box and submit.
  • This will take you to page 2.
  • VERY IMPORTANT!! DO NOT click the yes box at the bottom of the page unless you want a lot of survey spam from advertisers. Only the information on Page One is required.
  • Click the "login" link in the top tool bar.
  • Scroll down a bit past the adds and enter your "username" and "password".
  • Check the "log me on automatically each visit" and submit.
BC Trappers Association BC Trappers Association